Velvet Glow

Halloween night is fast approaching and costume/ Halloween theme parties are being promoted everywhere! Now, I’m not the type to go super crazy for Halloween but in order to give myself a push to get into the Halloween spirit, I decided to attend a Halloween party that was being held at a local club. Since wearing a costume wasn’t mandatory for this event I decided to go with the theme by rocking some velvet!

Velvet is such a cozy and luxurious material you definitely can’t go wrong with! Adding anything velvet to your outfit can make you look super fab in seconds!

This velvet dress literally jumped right at me while browsing through a retail store called sirens and I am so happy I purchased it when I did because it works so well with the Halloween season!

Fell in love with this dress for its body fitting cut, and waterfall neckline which can allow you to do numerous looks! I decided to accessorize with a large silver choker (which was a DIY by my best friend btw!!) a bunch of silver bracelets and some black full toe pumps and there you have it! A quick and festive Halloween outfit versus having to burst your brain vessels over thinking about a costume!

What are your plans to celebrate this Halloween?

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