Cute, Quick and Affordable Halloween Costume Ideas

Hey party people! As we all know Halloween was October 31st. However, this year’s Halloween seemed like the longest one yet! Due to the fact that Halloween happened to fall on a Monday, it gave all the party people the opportunity to celebrate the whole weekend prior to the actual day!

I went to 3 different Halloween parties this year and believe me when I say your girl is partied out from all of them! (Check out my previous post on Velvet and how great of a pre-Halloween outfit it can be Velvet Glow.)

I’m not the type to really spend money on costumes that I know will only have use to me for one night, so I usually try to use what I can find in my closet before I resort to purchasing anything out of the budget. Unfortunately, I was having difficulties with finding pieces that would go together nicely so I had to resort to taking a trip to the mall. I walked into a lingerie store with hopes of finding a body suit or corset to complete my look but ended up purchasing a totally different costume! I was absolutely fine with this purchase though because not only was it sexy and efficient it was also on sale!! For my costume base, I found a french maid costume at Lasenza and also purchased a leg garment to match for 40% off!  I also made a quick stop at Party City to grab a pair of white gloves to add more detail to my character. I already owned a bunch of accessories so I throw those on to give my look a more fancy finish. In order to be a little different, I changed my character from a sexy maid to a Rich Housewife which explains why I decided to wear a tiara. Details of my Accessories are located below.

On the actual Halloween day, I had to go to work so I decided to dress up in order to keep the Halloween spirit alive. I didn’t want to do anything too bold for work so I went with something practical which was to be Minnie Mouse! Anyone who knows me knows that I am OBSESSED with Minnie! So I was beyond excited to create this look. This look was way cheaper than the “rich housewife” costume because I was able to pull stuff straight from my closet. All I had to purchase were my Minnie ears which I also found at Partycity. To make this costume appropriate for work I wore a plain white tee tucked into a black skater skirt and threw on my white fur slides (Which are DIY’d by myself!) If you’re looking to make this costume more party/club chic change the white tee into a white bodysuit and switch your slides into some chunky black heels and there you have it, a sexier version of a Minnie Costume! To make my look more realistic I wore the same white gloves I wore with my previous costume and added a bunch of Minnie Mouse accessories I had previously (because as I mentioned before I am in love with her!) and did a neat makeup look to match the character!

Minnie Mouse Makeup

What were you for Halloween 2016?

petite light transparent


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