Distressed Dress

Hey party people! Have you ever had one of those days/nights when you can’t seem to find anything to wear?! Yeah, sadly that happened to me this week. I was planning on attending an after party for the Hip-Hop artist Tory Lanez (Well known for the song  LUV…which is my favorite btw!)  and was having the most difficulty finding something to
img_5763wear. Finally, I was able to create my look by making my very own distressed dress!

With distressed wear being a popular trend nowadays I was able to come up with my OOTN. I purchased a small plain shirt from img_5761the men’s section (In order for it to have that oversized/ dress look) and put my scissors to use by cutting some slits, holes, and tears into the shirt and I was able to come up with a final look. Fall is slowly coming to an end as well so I figured it would be appropriate to incorporate some fall colors in my outfit which is why I went for this burnt orange and tan combo.

The neat part of this project is that you can add as many holes to the tee/dress as you please depending on the look you’re going for. To give this ripped dress some life I, of course, had to add accessories such as a pair of oversized hoop earrings, a gold necklace and a collection of bracelets. Throw on a pair of heels to jazz it up and your average guy tee is now a sexy club dress!

fullsizerender-9To get an up close view of my accessories click my Instagram page to see more details!

Not only was this look so easy to achieve but you’re also guaranteed to be the only one in the party rocking that dress since it was customized by yourself!

petite light transparent




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