Simple Braid Ponytail 

When it comes to trying new hairstyles I tend to get a little nervous at first but sometimes you got to give yourself that extra push to try something new. Personally, I’m not the best at styling my own hair so I usually get it done professionally. This time around I wanted to try a style I haven’t done yet but was capable of styling on my own.

In my previous post All White Everything I briefly spoke about my hair style and how I was able to create it. (BTW I got inspired to do this look by a YouTuber named Itsmyrayeraye.) To achieve this look I used 1 pack of Kanekalon braiding hair and 1 pack of xpressions braiding hair; together came up to a total of $10 at my local beauty supply store. With two packs you’ll be able to get a thicker ponytail but one pack can also do depending on the look you’re aiming for.This look is now a go-to style for me when I need a quick transition, not only is it super easy and time efficient to do but is so cute for any occasion!

If you’re interested in seeing a tutorial on how I created this look let me know and I’d be glad to film one to add to my channel for you guys!

petite light transparent


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