Fresh Start 

HAPPY NEW YEAR PARTY PEOPLE! Hope everyone had a glamourous, fun filled and safe New Year’s Eve! It’s that time to give thanks for all that happened throughout the year and to continue to grow towards the future!

Decided to start the new year off on a clean note by wearing this super-chic white double breasted blazer.

Wearing this blazer gave me a reminder of how this year will be the year of fresh starts and pure thoughts. I paired it with these leather joggers I got from Sirens that gave me a comfortable fit which cuffed nicely around my ankle to display my open toe heels. In order to keep it festive, I wore this bedazzled DIY choker to give my outfit that little sparkle. As for my accent piece, I rocked this super cute clutch purse my sister got me for Christmas that I absolutely love!

I want to take this time to give thanks to all the party people, family and friends from near and far who been supporting me on this new journey. Thank you to those who continue to help push me for becoming better everyday with what I love to do. Praying this year is an exciting one filled with positive vibes and great opportunities! Love you all and can’t wait to share more fashion tips, advice and more with you guys for 2017! Xoxo

What’s your plan for 2017!?

petite light transparent


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