A Night Out

Happy Monday Party People! Hope everyone had an amazing weekend and is ready to start another productive week! My weekends are usually booked with events to attend or paying a visit to my favourite club on a Friday or Saturday night. However, I been finding myself being more reserved and spending more time just relaxing at home for the past couple weekends.

For the first weekend of January, a group of friends and I decided to book a little getaway to Niagara Falls (Which is known as one of Ontario’s tourist area and is also connected to the border of America.) Since I’ve returned I’ve been in a relaxed state and felt the need to put the clubbing scene on pause. (This may explain my delay on new posts lol.)  This past Sunday my coworkers and I went out for dinner at an Italian restaurant called Scaddabush- located in Mississauga if you’re familiar with the GTA. 

For my outfit of the night, I was aiming for a casual but mature look. This look was inspired by one of my favourite YouTubers-Tatyana Wstco. My entire outfit was from Sirens where I got this forest green mesh top that can be versatile to many outfits. I paired it with black high waisted skinny legged dress pants; I love these pants because of its stretch to fit material which hugs to your body to help complement your curves. For footwear, I choose to wear brown neutral booties to add a bit of contrast to the outfit. Leather jackets are also a favourite of mine because you can throw them on top of any outfit to give it a dressier appearance.  

I also decided to try something new with my hair and cut front bangs! The hair I’m currently wearing is Peruvian straight in lengths 18,’ 20,’ 22′ with a 16′ frontal. Sewed into a wig by Beautymark bundles. Check out my previous post on more about this hair company! If you’re interested in purchasing bundles, closures, frontals or your own customised crown check out their website and use my PROMO CODE “PETITE” to save 15% OFF your purchase of $100 or more before the month of January ends!

What’s  your favourite thing to do on the weekend?

petite light transparent                                                            Petite.

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