Pre-Valentine’s Day

February 14th is Valentine’s Day as we all know which gives us another opportunity to look sexy for yourself, your significant other or even for a day/night out with friends you love!

Celebrating a bit early this year, I went out to celebrate a close friend’s birthday and thought it would be appropriate to incorporate the valentine’s theme of cute and flirty. Love this dress for its dusty rose colour and off the shoulder cut.  (You can wear it off the shoulder or as displayed in the photo to give it a twist.) Since I was wearing this dress to a club I paired it with black and gold accessories and knee-high boots to give it an edgy feel, but this colour would also work well with white or grey and with a strapped up or stiletto type of heel for a super valentine’s look which would be perfect for an intimate dinner date!

As for makeup, I went for a neutral glow look with a nude lip and tried something new by adding a dash of soft red colour eyeshadow. I typically don’t wear eyeshadows very often or tend to stick to very neutral colours if I do but I feel like every Valentine’s makeup look deserves a little extra time and love put into it.

How do you plan on celebrating your Valentine’s day?

petite light transparent


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