Casually Chilling

Happy March Party People! Hope everyone is off to a fresh start with it being a new month again. With spring right around the corner, Mother Nature has blessed us Canadians with a few early warm days… with that being said it can get confusing trying to figure out appropriate OOTD to accommodate.

I feel like I rarely post casual looks for you guys so I decided to share this one! I am obsessed with jackets of all kinds but my favourite style has to be Bomber Jackets. Bombers are awesome because they come in all sort of lengths and styles. When it’s not a cold day out thin bombers are convenient to add to any look. You can wear under layers such as a graphic tee, long sleeve or even add a thicker sweater underneath for extra warmth.

High-waisted jeans have to be my favourite fit of Jeans. I adore these light washed mom style ones because of it’s relaxed loose fit. I got these from Value Village which is a Thrift store in Canada and I swear the best high-waisted jeans are found in Thrift shops because not only are they usually under $10 but they fit and look amazing!

A pair of Converse is an essential to one’s wardrobe. Whether they are the original black and white ones or a unique pair like the ones I own to give your outfits an extra dash of fun. They are beneficial for days when you’re on the go and don’t feel like dressing up, or just feel like going for that chill but cute vibe. Just like that, you have an easy, fresh and casual OOTD!

What’s your favourite season to get dressed for?

petite light transparent


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