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West Indian Style

Happy long weekend Party People! So far, this weekend has been an exciting one for me. I got the opportunity to attend a West Indian weddinIMG_6982g. It was my delight to be able to experience a different culture for a night so of course, I had to embrace their fashion!
For this event, I wore a sari suit which was very interesting for me. There’s so much detail in these suits and great technique to putting it together. I give a round of applause to those who wear saris on a daily basis and style them with ease because it definitely
isn’t as easy as it looks. I truly felt like a princess wearing this sari and received a tremendous amount of compliments.

IMG_6984In order to enjoy the full experience, I got henna art done on my hands as well. Mehndi is a traditional art used for celebrations for Hindus. There are many different types of mehndi art followed by different meanings. It took about 45 minutes to complete this design and roughly about 1-2 hours to dry completely.  Henna tattoIMG_6980os usually last from 1-2 weeks depending on your skin type and body part it is done on.

I was so ecstatic to be a guest at this lovely wedding giving me the opportunity to experience something new, both cultural
and fashion wise. Included in this post, are a few photos of my family and I at the wedding.


FullSizeRender 7


What wedding traditions does your culture do?


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