Through the grapevines…

IMG_4143Over this past weekend, I got the opportunity to celebrate my close friend’s birthday along with her family by visiting one of the most popular vineyards in Canada for wine tasting. Innisklinn has been making wine for over 35 years with vineyards such as the one located on Niagara-on-the-Lake.

For this experience, I knew I was going to be walking around learning the history behind this popular wine, so I knew I had to dress comfortably with a twist of fancy.  In order to fulfill this look, I wore a simple cut off arm dress that had a mock neck cut. The forest green colour was perfect for the occasion. For a more daytime appeal, I accessorized with a white crossbody and cat-eye shades. For comfort and to colour block the look, I wore these cute ballerina like sandals that strap up just above my ankles.Facetune_27-08-2018-13-42-22


Even though it was a hot day overall, we were expecting some rainfall throughout the day. Thankfully I came prepared and brought this checkered blanket scarf (Displayed in the photo above), it tied in with the theme perfectly to give off that tourist/classy vibe.

Wine Tasting


This experience was rather interesting even if your not a frequent drinker like myself, to witness how this wine came to its well-known name.

If you’re looking for unique things to do or planning on having a more reserved birthday, this is a nice way to celebrate or even for a couple’s/girls weekend getaway!





What’s your favourite wine?

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Think PINK!

Festival time is around the corner! With the busy week preparing for the exciting weekend, not only are you going to be looking for sexy outfits, but you’re most likely going to getting your nails and hair done!

In Toronto, the first weekend of August is the busiest time of the summer with the occurrence of 2 events. Caribana and VELD. Caribana is a one day parade mainly celebrating the Caribbean culture open to the public. People get dolled up in feathery, glittery costumes and dancing to festive music such as dancehall, reggae, soca,and afrobeats down the streets of Downtown, Toronto.  VELD is a 2-day music festival that happens in a central park in Toronto that has performances by various artists  There are many vendors selling all types of neat things and different food trucks to keep you energized at both events.

Processed with MOLDIV
Cornrow Braids with Pink feed-in

Unfortunately, I won’t be attending any of the two this year, however, I figured I could still be in the festival spirit and get my hair and nails done to match the vibe! I got my hair braided by a local hairdresser (her information will be tagged on my Instagram Page @PetiteTinaa) Instead of getting the typical cornrow style, I wanted to add a little twist to it by adding one of my favourite colours to it, PINK! This is such a cute and simple hairstyle that works for any music festival/parade because it’s hassle-free and fits the vibe of having fun!

Anyone who knows me knows how much my nails mean to me! Festivals are known for vibrant colours and jewels, so I wanted to display that in my nail design. I got a baby pink chrome finish shellac along with some jewels to bring it out even more.

Hope everyone has a fun-filled, exciting and vibrant weekend whether it be attending Caribana, VELD or just simply enjoying time with loved ones and friends! Stay safe!


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Let’s Talk Business

This week has been a busy one for me. On Sunday, I attended a V.I.P event that was held at NYX cosmetics and on Wednesday I was booked up with meetings around the GTA.

I’m a strong believer in first impressions so when attending meetings and events, I always want to show how vibrant my personality truly is. In both looks, I wanted to give off a fun, positive, and outgoing vibe so I choose to wear the colour yellow. Not only is this colour super popular this summer, but it screams you’re not afraid to stand out.


I absolutely love these loose fit dress pants I purchased from Zara. They sit perfectly at the waist and has such a rich colour scheme which can be paired with multiple pieces. The open leg gives off that business feel and the material is so light and soft making it perfect for the summer evenings out.

I figured wearing my lip-shaped purse which I purchased from Aldo would match the event setting best. With the intentions of standing and walking around, I wore chunky open toe heels.

Recently, I’ve been finding myself gravitating to statement earrings. They can make any outfit look dressier than it really is and can be used for great colour blocking. I got these purple tassel ones from Aldo. Facetune_26-07-2018-10-23-29

Depending on the business meeting, you want to look both formal and comfortable. For this look, I wanted to display my style as formal, casual and comfortable. My pants are a formal fit with a twist of casual but since I dressed it up, it looks more “business appropriate” I wanted to also display the fact that I love colours and being creative.

– Here are some tips on how to look professional for a formal event/meeting –

  1. Presentation: Arrive put together and clean. This will show that you are organized, and care about representation. Which will leave others with a good impression.
  2. Footwear: Depending on how formal your meeting is, footwear can play a huge role for both females and males. For females, I always recommend wearing the appropriate formal heels just because it looks more professional. However, in some cases, you can get away with something more flat if that’s more your style.
  3. Confidence: Show up with your confidence, everyone can respect a person who is comfortable with themselves and has a lot to offer, don’t be shy to let your personality shine, you never know what opportunities can arise because of it!


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Our Women’s Voices

On Friday July 21st, 2017 I was able to attend an inspirational event held by “Our Women’s Voices”. Our Women’s Voices (also known as OWV) is a movement that helps motivate, promote and build the strengths of women for all ages, races, and cultures. Their goal is to create a safe space and platform for women of all kind to come together to share their struggles, personal growth stories, and success as being a woman in today’s society.

This particular event which was held downtown Toronto was a night filled with praise, encouragement, and inspiration. There were also several vendors present selling varies items of their craft from natural soaps, handcrafted jewelry, magazines, clothing and sweet treats.  IMG_0980

For this event, I choose to wear this black and white striped 2 piece which is by the brand DO+BE. This fit was a neat day to night transition outfit for a summer evening. I love 2 pieces because it makes creating a look effortless. 2 pieces can also be worn separately, giving you multiple looks with the same items and people will never know when you mix them up!

Since this set was a bit more on the abstract side, I went for a classic black and white look for the night. To kept it simple I wore clear black chunky heels with minimal gold accessories along with a gold clutch purse to make the fit pop. Overall, it was a great night that opened my eyes towards some of my own personal goals and I’m looking forward to applying the tips and advice I have attained from the event.

If you are interested in learning more about Our Women’s Voices, please check them out on Instagram @OurWomensVoices for upcoming events, daily quotes and more!

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Summer Meetings!

Happy June Party People! So excited that summer weather as FINALLY arrived! Summer has to be one of my top two favourite seasons of the year (besides from the fact that all the bugs are coming out of course lol ) It’s time to bust out the stylish sunnies, cute sandals, and trendy outfits!  IMG_7186

Today’s outfit of the day was geared towards an informal meeting look. With the weather being warm I figured it would be appropriate to pull out these super cute cheetah print shorts I bought from Forever 21 a few years back. They are a high-waist, loose fit and sits snug at the waistline. I wore a plain white bodysuit which I purchased at Sirens to give the look a more daytime feel. I paired this effortless outfit with a pair of chunky buckle heels I also got from Sirens, to give it a more business feel. Lastly, it wouldn’t be an outfit by Petite if I didn’t incorporate some accessories!  I found a bunch of random bangles laying in my drawer and just threw everything on to add some details to my fit, along with a super cute clutch purse I stole from my mom’s closet. A summer look wouldn’t be completed without a pair of bomb sunnies,  so I decided to take my cat eye cheetah print frames out of its case.

img_7187.jpgAs for hair details, with the weather being so humid,  I just slicked everything up into a tight knot bun to keep it out of the way, which also gives the fit an overall classier finish.

What’s your favourite summer styles?

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West Indian Style

Happy long weekend Party People! So far, this weekend has been an exciting one for me. I got the opportunity to attend a West Indian weddinIMG_6982g. It was my delight to be able to experience a different culture for a night so of course, I had to embrace their fashion!
For this event, I wore a sari suit which was very interesting for me. There’s so much detail in these suits and great technique to putting it together. I give a round of applause to those who wear saris on a daily basis and style them with ease because it definitely
isn’t as easy as it looks. I truly felt like a princess wearing this sari and received a tremendous amount of compliments.

IMG_6984In order to enjoy the full experience, I got henna art done on my hands as well. Mehndi is a traditional art used for celebrations for Hindus. There are many different types of mehndi art followed by different meanings. It took about 45 minutes to complete this design and roughly about 1-2 hours to dry completely.  Henna tattoIMG_6980os usually last from 1-2 weeks depending on your skin type and body part it is done on.

I was so ecstatic to be a guest at this lovely wedding giving me the opportunity to experience something new, both cultural
and fashion wise. Included in this post, are a few photos of my family and I at the wedding.


FullSizeRender 7


What wedding traditions does your culture do?


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