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West Indian Style

Happy long weekend Party People! So far, this weekend has been an exciting one for me. I got the opportunity to attend a West Indian weddinIMG_6982g. It was my delight to be able to experience a different culture for a night so of course, I had to embrace their fashion!
For this event, I wore a sari suit which was very interesting for me. There’s so much detail in these suits and great technique to putting it together. I give a round of applause to those who wear saris on a daily basis and style them with ease because it definitely
isn’t as easy as it looks. I truly felt like a princess wearing this sari and received a tremendous amount of compliments.

IMG_6984In order to enjoy the full experience, I got henna art done on my hands as well. Mehndi is a traditional art used for celebrations for Hindus. There are many different types of mehndi art followed by different meanings. It took about 45 minutes to complete this design and roughly about 1-2 hours to dry completely.  Henna tattoIMG_6980os usually last from 1-2 weeks depending on your skin type and body part it is done on.

I was so ecstatic to be a guest at this lovely wedding giving me the opportunity to experience something new, both cultural
and fashion wise. Included in this post, are a few photos of my family and I at the wedding.


FullSizeRender 7


What wedding traditions does your culture do?


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Kick off to Spring

Hey Party People! We are now officially getting spring weather in Canada, which means fewer layers! This past week has been another busy one. Thankfully, this weekend’s weather was gorgeous enough to be outdoors!

I like to dedicate my Saturday’s to myself, relax, run errands and/or attend any meetings. Of course, before I start my day I have to pick an OOTD! I wanted to go for something that was both comfortable and warm. I got this super cIMG_6786ozy medium sized hoodie from Ardene’s for only $12! PETITE TIP: If you want to wear a basic outfit, pair it with a statement piece to make it pop! In love with these jeans because of its distressed detail, unique patches and boyfriend fit.  I also got these sneakers that resemble the Puma Creeper from Ardene’s for an unbelievable price of just $15!! (Side Note: I visited Ardene’s a few weeks back and found these, but at that time they were “buy one get one 50% off”, so I decided to leave them behind. Luckily, when I returned two weeks later they were on an even better sale- 30% off! Now that’s what I call A STEAL!) I was so excited with this purchase and couldn’t wait for the weather to clear up to wear them.

New hair colour alert! I’m rocking Platinum Blonde 18”, 16”, 14” and a 12” frontal from Beautymark Bundles dyed in Adore Honey Brown. Check out my previous post Beauty Mark Bundles to learn more about their quality bundles, closures, frontals and more!

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OOTD-Church Chic

Being the person I am -outgoing, upbeat, and filled with positive energy recently I’ve been feeling down and out of character due to a lot of different situations going on in my life. I decided to take some time out of my busy schedule and go to Church in order to reflect, rebuild my hopes and give thanks for all that is going positive right now.

First off I would like to give thanks to the Lord for blessing me with health, strength, and knowledge. I am also thankful for the talents he has blessed me with, thankful he has shined light upon what I enjoy doing which is styling, creating and inspiring others. Thank you to all of you who encourage me daily with kind words and support to keep pushing me to do what I’m good at and enjoy. With that being said, I have another great look to share if you’re looking for an appropriate worship attire!

I started off with a navy blue pullover dress. This dress is rather simple but elegant because of its mock turtleneck and loose cut. It’s also sleeveless which makes it versatile to wear in all seasons. I matched it with a beige trench coat that can be tied either in the back or in the front. Nude heels were an automatic choice followed by this cute little navy/beige side purse I got my hands on from Sirens.

To give my outfit a more sophisticated look I threw on my signature cat eye frame glasses. There you have it my OOTD -Church Style! It’s a really simple look to achieve but will still have you feeling motivated and ready to go give thanks and praise to the Lord.

Today’s take home message:

“Trust God if he says no, you’re still blessed and there is a greater yes.”

This quote spoke volumes to me because I tend to get upset over things I cannot control, change or achieve at the moment but I’m slowly learning how to be patient and have trust in God that there will be greater things to come.

What do you look forward to when you go to church?
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Casually Chilling

Happy March Party People! Hope everyone is off to a fresh start with it being a new month again. With spring right around the corner, Mother Nature has blessed us Canadians with a few early warm days… with that being said it can get confusing trying to figure out appropriate OOTD to accommodate.

I feel like I rarely post casual looks for you guys so I decided to share this one! I am obsessed with jackets of all kinds but my favourite style has to be Bomber Jackets. Bombers are awesome because they come in all sort of lengths and styles. When it’s not a cold day out thin bombers are convenient to add to any look. You can wear under layers such as a graphic tee, long sleeve or even add a thicker sweater underneath for extra warmth.

High-waisted jeans have to be my favourite fit of Jeans. I adore these light washed mom style ones because of it’s relaxed loose fit. I got these from Value Village which is a Thrift store in Canada and I swear the best high-waisted jeans are found in Thrift shops because not only are they usually under $10 but they fit and look amazing!

A pair of Converse is an essential to one’s wardrobe. Whether they are the original black and white ones or a unique pair like the ones I own to give your outfits an extra dash of fun. They are beneficial for days when you’re on the go and don’t feel like dressing up, or just feel like going for that chill but cute vibe. Just like that, you have an easy, fresh and casual OOTD!

What’s your favourite season to get dressed for?

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Hello Valentines!

Happy Valentine’s Day Party People! Sending much love and sweetness your way with another great look! Some of you probably celebrated a bit earlier this year since the special day happened to fall on a Tuesday but there’s still enough time to get dressed up and celebrate! In my previous post Pre-Valentine’s Day, I shared with you guys a look that would be cute for a night out with the girls or even for an intimate dinner.

img_6342This look works perfectly for a lunch date or for a more casual setting. My loose fit blouse gave me a comfortable yet classy look because of the pinstriped pattern. This is a regular button up blouse which I figured I could turn into an off the shoulder one to give a sexier feel. What I loved most about this entire look had to be my jeans! Most of my jeans are skinny legged but when I saw these bell bottom high-waisted ones I instantly fell in love! They fit so perfect allowing for a comfortable fit while complimenting your curves. If you do wear bell bottoms I recommend wearing a pair of stilettos to show off all the details. I chose to wear black closed toe heels because I wanted the focus to be more on my outfit rather than my footwear.img_6344

Typically we associate Valentine’s with colors like red, pink and white. I incorporated red in my makeup details with a soft red and gold eyeshadow with a bright red lippie. (Ruby-woo by mac) Which matched my clutch purse giving my outfit a unique valentine’s vibe.

What’s your go-to Valentine’s Day look(s)?

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Pre-Valentine’s Day

February 14th is Valentine’s Day as we all know which gives us another opportunity to look sexy for yourself, your significant other or even for a day/night out with friends you love!

Celebrating a bit early this year, I went out to celebrate a close friend’s birthday and thought it would be appropriate to incorporate the valentine’s theme of cute and flirty. Love this dress for its dusty rose colour and off the shoulder cut.  (You can wear it off the shoulder or as displayed in the photo to give it a twist.) Since I was wearing this dress to a club I paired it with black and gold accessories and knee-high boots to give it an edgy feel, but this colour would also work well with white or grey and with a strapped up or stiletto type of heel for a super valentine’s look which would be perfect for an intimate dinner date!

As for makeup, I went for a neutral glow look with a nude lip and tried something new by adding a dash of soft red colour eyeshadow. I typically don’t wear eyeshadows very often or tend to stick to very neutral colours if I do but I feel like every Valentine’s makeup look deserves a little extra time and love put into it.

How do you plan on celebrating your Valentine’s day?

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A Night Out

Happy Monday Party People! Hope everyone had an amazing weekend and is ready to start another productive week! My weekends are usually booked with events to attend or paying a visit to my favourite club on a Friday or Saturday night. However, I been finding myself being more reserved and spending more time just relaxing at home for the past couple weekends.

For the first weekend of January, a group of friends and I decided to book a little getaway to Niagara Falls (Which is known as one of Ontario’s tourist area and is also connected to the border of America.) Since I’ve returned I’ve been in a relaxed state and felt the need to put the clubbing scene on pause. (This may explain my delay on new posts lol.)  This past Sunday my coworkers and I went out for dinner at an Italian restaurant called Scaddabush- located in Mississauga if you’re familiar with the GTA. 

For my outfit of the night, I was aiming for a casual but mature look. This look was inspired by one of my favourite YouTubers-Tatyana Wstco. My entire outfit was from Sirens where I got this forest green mesh top that can be versatile to many outfits. I paired it with black high waisted skinny legged dress pants; I love these pants because of its stretch to fit material which hugs to your body to help complement your curves. For footwear, I choose to wear brown neutral booties to add a bit of contrast to the outfit. Leather jackets are also a favourite of mine because you can throw them on top of any outfit to give it a dressier appearance.  

I also decided to try something new with my hair and cut front bangs! The hair I’m currently wearing is Peruvian straight in lengths 18,’ 20,’ 22′ with a 16′ frontal. Sewed into a wig by Beautymark bundles. Check out my previous post on more about this hair company! If you’re interested in purchasing bundles, closures, frontals or your own customised crown check out their website and use my PROMO CODE “PETITE” to save 15% OFF your purchase of $100 or more before the month of January ends!

What’s  your favourite thing to do on the weekend?

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