Forest Green

This might be a delayed post, but I wanted to share with you guys how easy colour coordinating can make a basic look, seem like so much more.



Love these casual striped leg pants because of its hem which sits perfectly above heels or strapped sandals. The detail on the side of the leg can give the outfit some definition as well with the pop of red. I paired it with a v-neck bodysuit to keep the sexy, and combined these forest green heels with a matching jacketFacetune_20-05-2018-01-19-02

Try pairing unique colours together and you’ll be surprised with how unique a look can turn out


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Hello, Sunshine!

With summer being in full effect, why not play with colours?
With it still being grad season, I’m coming to the rescue with different looks you can try out, not only for grad but for any formal occasion! Playing with colours is so much fun because you can end up creating looks no one else could have ever imagined! As the girlfriend of the graduate, I knew I had to come correct (because I’m extra like that, duh!) Yellow is the “IT” colour this year, not only is it the definition of summer but its also so vibrate and screams fun!
I envisioned wearing this dress with baby pink accessories at first, then ended up finding this beautiful statement necklace that I thought would be perfect to accentuate this look. Pairing it with a clutch that bounced off one of the many colours in the necklace is what balanced out the fit.
Some might be afraid to wear bright colours but why not give it a try? Step out of your comfort zone and you’ll be surprised at how many compliments you’ll receive on your unique look.
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Feeling Breezy?

I’m so into dress shirt dresses these days, the simplicity of them is beyond comfort while the material and cut still make it look formal.
Purchased this one from Sirens and dressed it up with baby pink accessories. I was going for a girly, summer vibe for my close friends’ graduation followed by brunch.

Anything with fur on it I gotta have it! Add fur to any piece and it makes the fit look 10x fancier!    IMG_3448

                                                           How cute is this look?

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Jump for Grad!

If you haven’t noticed already, this is the year of the jumpsuits! If you’re graduating or attending a graduation ceremony and have no idea what to wear for the big day…try finding a jumpsuit! Jumpsuits and two pieces are so in this summer, not only are they hassle-free, but they’re both super cute and comfortable!
Throw on a pair of heels and rock a statement purse to give it a more dressy feel. They’re also convenient for postgrad events such as dinners and less fancy celebrations because you can convert them into a more casual look for the evening by switching over to sandals and a cover-up!Facetune_05-05-2018-21-25-40
Go on now, try jumping into Jumpsuits today!
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Let’s Jump into Jumpsuits

Have an important event coming up and have no idea what to pull from your closet? Let’s jump into Jumpsuits!


Jumpsuits are super convenient for those moments you wanna look classy but have little time to put a look together. The best thing about jumpsuits is that they’re a whole outfit in one. Which leaves more time for you to focus on what accessories you wanna wear with it.


What makes a jumpsuit look classy versus casual would be how you accessorize them. In the photo above, I’m wearing a black off the shoulder jumpsuit I bought from HM a few years ago. I was attending a wedding ceremony and didn’t feel like wearing a dress or skirt since I was planning on wearing one later on. To accessorize I wore a statement necklace and matching bracelet from Juicy Couture. Since the weather conditions are still in the negatives, I wore my knee-length trench coat.
Keeping this look simple and classy, I wore gold open toe heels and did a light gold cut crease on my eyes with a slick back pony to let the focus be on my outfit.
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Virgo Season

Happy September Party People! I’m so excited for the month of September! Not only because it’s my birthday month but also because I like

IMG_1401to refer to September as a month for growth, new beginnings, and new opportunities!

Last night, it was one of my close friend’s birthday and we went out for dinner to an Italian restaurant called Cibo Wine Bar which is located downtown Toronto. For the look of the night, I was going for an autumn feel since Mother Nature has decided to start fall early this year. (The weather literally feels like October!)  Statement jackets are perfect for date nights and can make any boring outfit pop! This leather jacket happened to be my OOTN inspiration. To compliment it, I wore a deep orange tank underneath and paired it with jogger leather pants which were both stylish and comfortable. I wore brown peek-a-boo heels to keep the look more on the fall side which also made my jacket stand out.  P.S- I included these shoes in an affordable fashion haul I posted on my channel, be sure to check it out! IMG_1400

What’s your favourite thing about September?

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